Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a product of

Human Intelligence

And robots are made by humans, not the other way around.

At Acronotics we apply

Human Intelligence

To create Artificial Intelligence.

We deploy

Smart Humans

To build smart robots.



To help our clients design, develop, implement and run robotic process automation
and artificial intelligence based solutions that are truly game-changing & transformative in nature.

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What Do We Do

Transformation does not happen at 20,000 feet. To get things done, you need a nuts-and-bolts technology implementation partner that can get down to the real business of building the bots that will automate your processes, and developing the cognitive engines that will transform your business.

That's precisely what we at Acronotics do for a living. Our automation and AI experts work closely with leading global firms across multiple industries to build cutting edge robotic automation & artificial intelligence solutions, enabling our clients to boost organizational productivity, realize substantial cost savings, gain competitive advantage through smart data analytics, and deliver an enhanced user experience to their clients. In short, we apply RPA & AI technologies to:

  • Improve your productivity and reduce your cost of operations
  • Increase your revenue per client & share of wallet
  • Future-proof your business through innovation & automation


  • Design, development and implementation of RPA-BASED PROCESS AUTOMATION solutions.
  • Development of COGNITIVE PLATFORMS that leverage the power of AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, NLG, and so on.
  • Training services for clients looking to build their own automation/ cognitive teams.


Radium AI is a vision of self-governed digital workers across companies in the automation industry. With growing adoption of various automation tools, it's the need of the hour to automate digital workers, and we at Radium, are driven by this ideology.

Radium AI is a Machine Learning(ML) system built to automate digital worker support activities so that automation teams can focus on scaling up their automation programs. Radium acts as a single pane of glass to monitor all the BOTS in production across multiple RPA platforms (AA, UiPath, BP) and takes automated action based on ML algorithm’s recommendation.

  • Radium’s in-built ML Algorithm automatically analyses all issues and classifies them into different categories depending on who is responsible to resolve them.
  • Radium identifies issues by reading the error logs, for each issue (error/ user request) it automatically raises a ticket on the preferred ITMS tool(s) addressed to the team responsible for its resolution.
  • An email notification is automatically sent through various stages of ticket lifecycle.
  • The ML Algorithm sub-classifies issues (errors/ requests) based on what action is needed for their resolution. An in-built action library enables corrective actions to be automatically triggered by Radium in real-time.
  • Radium has a low-code action designer to create re-usable action flows and scale up the action library that is specific to your environment.
  • Radium’s advanced analytics provides pre-built dashboards and a report designer to create reports and give visibility to support team and business users about your digital workers.

Our vision is to reduce the overall manual dependency of human support to monitor these digital workers to 50%

To request a demo or explore more about Radium AI, please visit our product website Radium AI

Why Hire Us

As a specialist consulting and services firm focused on RPA & AI, we are building a world-class team of automation & AI engineers, designers, consultants and thought leaders.


Why Join Us

Every decade or so, a defining technology comes along that changes the productivity curve and becomes the core driver of business transformation. RPA & AI are the game changing technologies of our times.

Companies around the globe are actively looking to embrace these technologies to transform their businesses. As a result, the demand for RPA & AI experts is going through the roof.

Automation and cognitive technologies are the future, whether you are a company trying to maximize its market potential, or whether you are an individual trying to maximize yours. As a rational human being, once you can see the future, the only logical response is to become a part of it, to embrace the change, indeed to become a change agent yourself. A career at Acronotics will give you this opportunity.

Come join us. We will enhance your market value. And you will enhance ours.


We will

  • train you to become a certified RPA/ AI expert.
  • give you an opportunity to work on cutting-edge RPA/ AI projects at big global firms.
  • offer you an opportunity to develop your own innovative ideas and take them to market.
  • provide you with a creative, challenging and fun-filled work environment where you will be able to express your personality.
  • invest in your personal well-being and happiness.
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Our Partners



Automation Anywhere delivers the most comprehensive enterprise-grade RPA platform with built-in cognitive solutions and analytics.

Over 700 of the world’s largest brands use the platform to manage and scale their business processes faster, with near-zero error rates, while dramatically reducing operational costs. Based on the belief that people who have more time to create, think and discover build great companies, Automation Anywhere has provided the world’s best RPA and cognitive technology to leading financial services, BPO, healthcare, technology and insurance companies across more than 90 countries for over a decade.



Arria is the global leader in Natural Language Generation (NLG). Arria’s NLG technology which enables computers to communicate insights and information to people in narratives they can easily understand.

For the first time in human history technology is embedding expertise and the tone of voice of an SME—moving the Power of Language outside of the human mind.

Arria's core product is known as the Arria NLG Platform, a form of artificial intelligence software that specializes in extracting information from complex data sources and communicating that information in natural language. Arria’s Platform is configurable for a wide range of client needs. We offer our technology via our two tool sets, NLG Studio and NLG Pro, as well as pre-packaged SaaS Solutions both of which have APIs that allow developers to add NLG functionality to their own applications.

The scientific foundation for Arria NLG’s technology is based on more than 30 years of research and development. Arria’s scientists have authored over 300 academic papers on the subject, and our senior scientists wrote the de facto textbook in the field, ‘Building Natural Language Generation Systems’.



AntWorks is a global artificial intelligence and intelligent automation company, creating new possibilities with data through digitisation, automation and enterprise intelligence.

AntWorks is the world’s first and only Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) powered by fractal science principles and pattern recognition that understands every data type, ANTstein™ SQUARE digitizes every piece of information for a diverse range of industries. Harnessing Data Curation and Digital Workforce Management in a unique low-code/ no-code environment, ANTstein™ SQUARE innovates far beyond traditional RPA to automate complex processes and provide Straight-through Processing. AntWorks' solutions power up enterprises with accurate insights through an integrated, intelligent, technology stack that automates and learns independently. Put simply, it accelerates the new, constantly.



Hyperscience is the world’s first Software-Defined, Input-to-Outcome Automation Platform used by the global 2000s and government organizations around the world to build and run mission-critical processes with ease and speed.

HyperScience offers solutions to data entry via automation since it is a process that burdens both businesses and the end users. The company builds products that are drop-in replacements for existing manual business processes, and customers do not need to change anything about how they operate or have an understanding about artificial intelligence.

Hyperscience processes structured and semi-structured documents, automating a large part of of manual document sorting, data entry, and rekeying out of the box. The document setup interface enables new form templates, and various documents can be accessed within a single library.



Bizagi is a leader in Intelligent Process Automation.

Bizagi empowers people to drive digital transformation. Every organization runs on processes, and those processes are more important than ever. With Bizagi, customers rapidly deliver agile process-led applications that connect people, applications, devices and information. Fueled by a community of over 1 million downloads and 1,000+ enterprise customers in over 50 countries, Bizagi offers an industry leading platform and the best pricing model on the market. Bizagi powers companies including adidas, Deutsche Post DHL and Citizens Bank and has been recognized by industry analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester Research and IDC as a leading platform for Intelligent Process Automation.



Rul.AI is a leading Enterprise Conversational Computing Platform provider

Rulai's conversational computing platform is the only advanced, all-in-one platform that accelerates time-to-value by democratizing AI to the point that Virtual Assistants can easily acquire knowledge, skills and the ability to handle complex conversations.



Catalytic is a no-code cloud platform that enables business users to create smart workflows for the way your work should be, not how it has to be.

Many companies aren’t as efficient as they could be because unique systems and processes don’t fit the way people actually work. As a result, people end up doing a lot of manual steps outside, in between, and within those systems, causing poor employee and customer experiences, potential errors and lost revenues.

Catalytic creates a leaner, more digitized business, enabling greater efficiencies and visibility within your operations, and a sharper competitive edge. Essentially, you can achieve far more with less effort, cost and risk, overcoming years-long obstacles for greater improvement and innovation.

Just ask their customers, like Bosch, Dentsu Aegis Network, Edwards Elmhurst Hospital, Mayo Clinic, TalentWave, Spikeball, and UL. To learn more, visit:



Ephesoft helps organizations maximize productivity through intelligent content acquisition and data enrichment technology.

The Ephesoft platform turns flat data into context-rich information to fuel data scientists, business users and customers with meaningful data to automate and amplify their business processes. Thousands of customers worldwide employ Ephesoft’s platform to accelerate nearly any process and drive high value from their content. Ephesoft is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., with regional offices throughout the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific. To learn more, visit



World’s first software for Hyperautomation

UiPath is the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history. Leader in every Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave, and Everest Peak Matrix for RPA. #1 in all Major Independent User Review sites for RPA including Gartner Peer Insights, GSCrowd, TrustRadius, Capterra, and ITCentralStation.



Kofax software enables organizations to Work Like Tomorrow - today.

Kofax’s Intelligent Automation software platform helps organizations transform information-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs, and improve customer engagement. Kofax combines RPA, cognitive capture, process orchestration, mobility and engagement, and analytics to ease implementations and deliver dramatic results that mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness, growth and profitability.



A leader in analytic process automation

Revolutionizing business through data science and analytics, Alteryx offers an end-to-end analytics platform that empowers organizations to break data barriers, deliver insights, and experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster. Hundreds of thousands of users all over the world rely on Alteryx daily to deliver real business results.



Dataiku is built for companies looking to democratize AI across their organization, bringing agility and preparedness to the business through the use of data by everyone from analysts to data scientists

Dataiku is one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning platforms, supporting agility in organizations’ data efforts via collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI, all at enterprise scale. Hundreds of companies use Dataiku to underpin their essential business operations and ensure they stay relevant in a changing world, including models driving fraud detection, customer churn prevention, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, and much more.



Datamatics is a global Intelligent Automation Products, Digital Solutions, Technology and BPM Company.

Datamatics Intelligent Automation Platform is a unified platform to automate a series of tasks, processes, and unstructured and semi-structured data in documents. The Platform combines the capabilities of Datamatics TruBot RPA and TruCap+ IDP products along with artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) models developed by Datamatics Datalabs. Aimed at both developer and business user personas, the individual software products (TruBot RPA and TruCap+ IDP) can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. To know more visit



Soroco is on a mission to discover how the world works to help teams be their best.

To do this, we are evangelizing and commercializing the work graph, which is a structured view of how teams get work done across people, processes, technology, and documents. The “work graph” unifies disjoint categories like Process Mining, Task Mining, user training, BPM, and RPA to provide a single source of truth. Soroco is deep tech company with ~40 patents having operations across the USA, Europe, UK, Singapore & India with a roster of Fortune 500 customers across 30 countries. 


Jitin Goyal


Founder & Chairman

As a professional CEO, Jitin has run large publicly listed firms; As an entrepreneur, he has set up successful startup ventures in multiple fields of business.

In his last corporate role Jitin served as President, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. Having instrumented the merger of Polaris with Virtusa Corp. he also served briefly as President and Executive Officer at Virtusa before leaving the firm to set up Acronotics.

Jitin started his career as a banker in India with Citibank, playing various roles in corporate, transaction, and investment banking. He was a forex and derivatives trader before shifting from banking to the IT industry.

Post Citi, Jitin spent 10 years at Infosys Technologies. After a stint in the USA, he moved to UK & then Europe, where he served as Vice President for EMEA and played a central role in establishing the company's business from ground up across the region. He was a member of the company's tier-1 leadership team.

As an entrepreneur, Jitin has set up multiple startups over the years across areas as diverse as carbon trading, film & TV animation, and technology innovation. Apart from Acronotics, Jitin is also the founder of Occam Technologies, an innovation startup that is developing SLapp, a next-gen social networking, collaboration, and commerce platform. He also founded Snipple Animation, an animation company with studios in the UK, Philippines and India.

Jitin is also a "struggling" writer and a lover of the arts. He is a diehard fan of Pink Floyd and a lifelong devotee of Beethoven. His favorite filmmakers include Kurosawa, Kieslowski, and Rajamouli. Apart from writing, he hopes to make his own movies one day.

Jitin holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering, and an MBA in Finance & Strategy from premier schools in India.

Meghana Gowda


Co-Founder & Chief Client Officer

As the Chief Client Officer, she provides leadership and strategic direction to the business’ overall sales program engaging the organization in managing customer relationships, revenue, and profit.

Meghana comes with over 16+ plus year of experience in Sales and Client Management.

Meghana has held various sales and strategy roles across the FinTech sector with organisations such as Capgemini, Polaris Financial Technology with experience in managing teams across Products / Services / Consulting.

Meghana holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and MBA in Finance & Strategy.

She is a fitness freak and plays wide range of sports such as Basketball and Football.

Neeraj Nagpal


Co-Founder & Head, Americas

Neeraj heads Americas business and Cognitive technology platforms at Acronotics. Neeraj focuses on building partnerships with the best technology platforms in the world that empower our clients on their digital transformation journeys and on setting up high quality automation teams & building solutions enabling clients unleash the power of robotic automation & AI technologies to transform their business.

Neeraj brings 20+ years of technology experience to the table, having played multiple roles in industries ranging from IT services to media & entertainment, manufacturing, education & e-learning. Before co-founding Acronotics, he was a Vice President at Virtusa Corp.

Starting his career as a system engineer at Infosys, Neeraj has played diverse set of roles at multiple companies. Neeraj has grown as a technology leader and evangelist with his ability to apply a broad range of technologies to solve diverse business problems across industries.

As an entrepreneur, Neeraj also co-founded a movie streaming company. The company built a robust and secure movie streaming platform enabling customers to watch Indian movies legally.

Neeraj has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from a reputed school in India and a Master's in Business Administration from a premier school in the USA.

Swapnil Ranadive


Delivery Head- EMEA

Swapnil has 25+ years industry experience of sales of technology products and services in South Asia, Europe, Middle-East & Africa and US.

He has built a significant network of sales & technology partnerships and deal advisory relationships. He comes from an engineering automation background and has worked with industry majors like Kirloskars, Mahindra & Mahindra, 3i Infotech, Polaris and Virtusa.

Swapnil is based out of Canterbury in UK with his wife and 2 kids. When he is not working, he likes to relax by solving large jigsaw puzzles, tinkering with some electronic items or take long walks on the Kent countryside.

Subhash Marahanumaiah


Delivery Head - APAC

20+ years of experience, Subhash has worked in multiple industries like Healthcare, Retail & Finance with customers in US & UK. Certified in Project Management(PMP) and with strong leadership skills has created many leaders by guiding and motivating team members to achieve their goals.

Subhash being critical thinker takes time to understand actual issue and doing the research that leads to informed decisions. He also believes “Change is constant” is always willing to adapt and improve. Always upskilling to align to the larger vision of the organisation playing different roles as needed to achieve organisational goals.

Based out of Bangalore, when not working, like to relax by getting close to nature and doing nature photography.

Hari Krishna

Hari Krishna

Enterprise Architect

Hari being a techno-functional automation expert, is an accomplished software professional with an extensive 17-year journey in the field. With 7 years of specialization in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), he has honed his expertise as an Enterprise Architect, adeptly blending his technical mastery with a profound understanding of functional intricacies. Having laid a solid foundation in .NET technologies, he has expanded his repertoire to encompass analytics, Power Platform utilization, and more. Crafting innovative RPA automation solutions is his forte, reflecting his deep comprehension of both the software landscape and the nuances of business operations”.

His career trajectory spans diverse sectors, including healthcare, insurance, and FMCG domains, underscoring his adaptability and skill in traversing various industries. Beyond his professional pursuits, he possesses an insatiable appetite for learning, continuously seeking to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies.

A passionate travel enthusiast, he seeks out new experiences and perspectives, infusing his personal growth into his professional journey.